Toilet Paper

Have you ever just wondered about how something came to be? I mean somethings you just get why they were invented and you can speculate on the events that transpired in order for them to be invented. Take for example the air conditioner… Someone was complaining about how hot it was and then someone smarter took it upon themselves to make make an air conditioner. But what about the things that no one wants to talk about. What about toilet paper? 

Imagine the world before toilet paper. People just walked, uncomfortably, around with crusty unwiped butt-cracks. Clearly this was a problem for everyone and they needed a solution, but so many people could have thought that it was just them. Imagine the first people to bring it up. “Hey Dave… can I talk to you about something?” “When you poop does it just basically… dry on there and itch and burn all day after?” Could you just imagine how uncomfortable it would be for Dave and the fear the speaker might have that Dave would say something like. “no… you should probably go get that checked out.” Imagine even further about the first two people to talk about how corn doesn’t digest fully. They had seen corn in their poop before but how many times do you think they wanted to ask someone if it was normal and could not find the courage? 

I guess my point is that we should all take a moment and just thank those brave enough to talk about things like butt wiping. 


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